Turnoffs For Women


Women just so happen to notice all the little things that occur around them and they most definitely fine tune on us should they just so happen to be interested. To avoid losing her interest, let’s go over a couple of things that we should avoid like the plague.

It’s cool to know exactly what turns women on but like two faces on the same coin, it’s also a good thing to know what turns them off as well. You want to be noticed and have some strong mojo going so let me put you up on a couple of turnoffs for women.

Trying to impress with your wealth. Using materialistic things (car,house,boat,etc.) is not the way to go when trying to make a woman interested in you. A woman of substance does not tolerate or find this type of thing attractive. Should she just so happens to be cool with this type of thing, it would make me wonder if she is of the “gold digging” caliber…

A man with poor hygiene. Soap and water is a blessing from the gods my brethren, let’s utilize them to the fullest. Don’t come around her after breaking a sweat from working, playing sports, or whatever else. Bathe regularly, keep your underwear changed, brush your teeth, keep your nails clipped and clean, etc.

The guy with 8 arms. Women aren’t really too keen on guys who are constantly grabbing at them. She’s thinking, “he only wants one thing”.

Guys who talk too much. Sure she’s interested in you and would love to hear what you have to say but if she can’t get a word in, more than likely you will not be seeing her again.

Men with x-ray and wandering eyes. I understand that the object of your affections may be lovely but try to refrain from undressing her with your eyes. Constantly looking at her breast or just staring with a dazed look is very creepy. Also, if there are other lovely women around you two, try to keep the focus on her, don’t let your eyes wander and get caught!

Turnoffs for women vary from woman to woman and can differ in degrees but knowing what not to do and exercising restraint from those actions should help to guarantee that you’ll be seeing that special lady again.

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