Two Bread Maker Recipes For Beginners


One can use many things as an accompaniment to tea and even stews. One of these could be freshly baked bread. With bread maker recipes, it is possible to have this product within such a short time. Though there may be so many of them available Internet, for the beginner, here are some of them that you may consider before you explore into the more creative adventure of baking. If you like eating this yummy delight, try some of these recipes.


Organize some of these ingredients to start. 1 cup Water, ½ teaspoon Salt, ¼ cup Honey, 1½ cups Bread Flour, 1½ cups Wheat Flour, 1 tablespoon cooking fat, 1 tablespoon dry milk, 1 teaspoon quick active dry yeast. With all these items ready, get ready for the real job. Remove the bread pan from the machine and add in the liquid ingredients right in. add the solid ones. Set the control timer to the complete wheat dough cycle then a medium crust color. Let the machine do the work for you, in time, retrieve the loaf, and let it cool. There you have all you need in no time.


The other recipe that you may consider that is equally easy to prepare is the white bread. Consider these simple constituents. 132.75ml water, 132.75ml milk, 22.5ml butter, 1.5-teaspoon salt (7.5ml), 708ml bread flour, 3-teaspoon sugar, 1-teaspoon active dry yeast. You may choose to add dough enhancer or not. Using the same procedure as in the former recipe, the outcome will be great. This will produce a 1.5-pound heavy bread. To make a heavier product, you need only to add the ingredients proportionally.


If you love surprising your family with special delicacies, consider these two simple bread maker recipes and you will make them happy. After practice, you will notice that you will manage to bake any type of recipe that you come across. Remember for starters, some of the simple snacks like the scones, muffins, and corn bread among others would be great for your baking hobby. The reason is that they are easy to make and quick requiring you to spend short time in preparation. Once you become an expert, then you will realize that the more time the leavened dough spends to rise, the more quality bread you produce. Thus, you will be more interested to invest more of your time for a tasty and high value product than when you were just beginning and the result did not matter so much.


bread maker recipes could be the way forward to change your family outlook on home made bread. Be willing to take chances and be the champion in bringing your creative side to the limelight. Although these products may not be as long lasting as they lack preservatives unlike the commercially prepared ones but nevertheless, they are very nutritious. There is a way out in making them from going stale fast. One may add preferment or sour dough. This in turn improves on taste as well making it last longer. This may not be a simple process though it is very much achievable.

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