UFC Gym Partners with Marpo Kinetics to Present the Marpo DUT Challenge


San Francisco, CA – UFC® Gym™, the first major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship®, has partnered with Marpo Kinetics, Inc., the number one authority on rope training, to present the Marpo DUT Challenge at UFC Gym in Concord, CA September 30th at 4:30pm. UFC Gym welcomes participants to experience this one-day event located at 1975 Diamond Blvd.

Contestants will compete in a series of challenges including a bout on the VMX Rope Trainer, one of Marpo Kinetic’s flagship pieces. Winning title holder will receive various prizes including an I-Pod Nano.

Marius Popescu, founder and CEO of Marpo Kinetics and an accomplished judo athlete says that the focus and foundation of the UFC Gym and Marpo brand align exceptionally well. “There was a need for people of all fitness levels to have access to a more effective and stimulating workout experience. Our machines don’t just provide a workout, but an intense training experience. Marpo and UFC Gym share the common goal of providing a complete and engaging fitness experience like nothing else out there”.

“UFC Gym is dedicated to creating an atmosphere unlike anything the industry has seen. We are incorporating the best of the fitness industry with MMA training techniques used by the top athletes in the world. The result is a new, exciting spin on fitness” says UFC Gym Vice President, Adam Sedlack.

About UFC Gym

New Evolution Ventures™ (NeV) in partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) founded the UFC® Gym™ brand (ufcgyms.com) in 2009. Offering a full-range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group dynamic training, plus MMA style youth programming, UFC® Gym™ creates fitness and training for the entire family.

About Marpo Kinetics

Marpo Kinetics is the world’s authority on rope training for strength and cardio fitness. Used by the U.S. Military, the NFL, and fitness and rehab facilities worldwide, Marpo equipment is renowned for its intense and highly customizable workouts, Marpo Rope Trainers have proven themselves to be unparalleled in developing cardiovascular endurance and strength conditioning.
Visit www.marpokinetics.com and follow Marpo on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about rope training and fitness.

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