Ulcerative Colitis Common Causes, Symptom and Simple Natural Tips


All of distinguish that ulcerative colitis is a hurting condition. Many people mistake it for Crohn’s disease. The reason is that both the diseases affect the intestine. But the difference is that colitis affects the colon part of the intestine, the later affects ileum, or small intestine.

Some people confuse colitis with irritable bowel syndrome also. In ulcerative colitis, inflammation of the lining of colon results in ulcers. As an effect pus is created and from time to time bleeding also occurs. So, the patient has diarrhea by means of bleeding.

Common Causes –

•  Infectious colitis,

•  Ischemic colitis,

•  Inflammatory bowel disease

•  Microscopic colitis and chemical colitis

Symptom –

The main symptom can be the constant illness which further leads to the depression and causing nervousness. So for the help of such patients there are many doctors who are working for the counseling of the patients along with the help of UC support group.

There are many ways getting the information regarding the Ulcerative colitis. If some information is not available with the doctors then it can be easily searched on internet. So the counseling from the UC support group can be very much helpful for the patients.

Simple Natural Tips –


No Sugar or Alcohol at all, Best to avoid fruit too with the possible exception of the odd banana. Chicken Stock Soup is soothing and nutritious in a flare up.

Avoid all grains, beans and potatoes, with the exception of rice. Eat Chicken and Fish but when you cook them only steam or boil, absolutely no frying. Vegetables are ok if well cooked, again steam them well, but avoid the really fibrous root ones like Swede, also avoid tomatoes and peppers.

Avoid all dairy products, I find they make any bleeding worse – except Kefir and homemade probiotic yogurt. Don’t overeat, have lots of small meals little and often is best.

Herbs –

Boswellia, Turmeric and Ashwaganda, all are very effective anti inflammatories, in one study Ashwaganda was shown to be a stronger anti inflammatory than steroids.

Elemental Drinks –

These are a form of feeding which is completely absorbed in the small intestine, and therefore give the colon a rest whilst still providing nourishment. They have been used in medical studies to induce remission in UC as successfully as steroids. I have had Elemental 028 from my Doctor and they really help in the midst of a Flare Up. You can also get Absorb Plus on the Web.

Drink Fangocur Clay it is clay based mineral drink which is a highly effective natural remedy for Colitis. It has been studied at the Medical University if Vienna and was found to be effective in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. It fights inflammation of the intestinal wall and reduces diarrhoea.

Take Probiotics in particular VSL-3 which is specifically formulated for Ulcerative Colitis. In one medical study at The University of Alberta UC patients were given 8 sachets a day for 6 weeks and this produced remission in 77% of them. Also get some Kefir Grains and make your own Kefir with Goats Milk, which is easy to do and provides you with a nourishing drink which is packed with probiotics.

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