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.tags Hair astringent food. Associate Professor of Food Science, China Agricultural University, FAN Zhi-hong said the unripe persimmon, purple grape skins, which are astringent heavy food. Food in their astringency of tannin, phytic acid and oxalic acid caused. These substances are powerful antioxidants in the prevention of diabetes and hyperlipidemia beneficial. Moreover, the same fruit, made a higher nutritional value of astringent varieties, such as sour apple on the ratio of large, sweet apple good.

Rough food. Coarse grains such as bar-mouth, difficulty chewing the celery and cabbage upper pole. This is because these foods are rich in insoluble dietary fiber. May be that these dietary fiber can help prevent constipation, prevent cancer, favorable metal ion discharge, help the body detox, lose weight. Cooked the fish in the draft, Pork and other high-fat dishes, rice pudding and other desserts to make blood sugar rise quickly, animal offal, egg yolk, when high-cholesterol food, are crude and effectiveness of food the best time.

Bitter food. Like lemon peel, Tea , Black and chocolate, which is rich in a variety of glycosides, terpenes and polyphenols, is that they allow the food to become bitter. Such as lemon peel and grapefruit peel of Naringin, tea polyphenols, Red wine , Chocolate polyphenols, can prevent cancer and heart disease, but also to bring a bit of food taste bitter.

“Impulse” food. Such as radish, large Garlic , Onions and so on. These foods taste very red, and even finished there will be odor. The reason is that they contain glucosinolates substances and diallyl disulfide, these substances are helpful in preventing cancer. Such as garlic was one of the “health guards.” Large epidemiological survey, long-term consumption of garlic and garlic-producing areas and populations, the cancer incidence rate is significantly lower.

“Smelly” food. Durian smells strongly, that it was “malodorous” It is no exaggeration. But in Thailand, because of its high nutritional value, often used as a patient, post-partum women Replenishing body tonic. Xiangya Hospital, Central South University professor of nutrition LI Hui-ming said the durian of hot, can activating blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, especially for women troubled by dysmenorrhea food; It can also improve symptoms of abdominal cold and cool, can promote increased body temperature is cold tonic ideal of physical persons. Durian Although lots of other good, but not one to eat too much, otherwise easily lead to body heat, but also because of stomach caused by not fully absorbed, “lit.”

“Strange incense” food. Some food is to the “Hong” character name, but the taste is very strange, such as coriander, Chinese toon, etc.. B content in a lot of cilantro, this substance helps the body absorb the minerals, protection of bone, after 40 years of age to enter the best in people. Parsley is also rich in iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C and other elements to help maintain blood sugar stable, and can prevent cancer. The Toona sinensis extracts and contains volatile aromatic organic compounds, can be whetting the appetite, increased appetite. It has the heat and dampness, diuretic detoxification of the efficacy of adjuvant therapy is enteritis, dysentery, urinary tract infections medicine. Some studies show that vitamin E and containing Toon sex hormone substance has anti-aging and nourishing yin and yang effect on infertility has a certain effect, therefore, “progesterone” reputation.

Spicy food. Food is generally spicy Chilli Factors or volatile sulfur compounds provided. With the analgesic effect of capsaicin, but also improve the metabolism, play a Fat Burning, Lose weight Effect. Traditional Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yang Li told “Life Times” reporter, strong spicy mustard, with a strong stimulus can be adjusted female endocrine, enhanced sexual function, but also stimulate the blood vessels expand, enhance facial blood to run, so that women face more rosy. Mustard choke nose is the main component isothiocyanates. This component will not only prevent tooth decay, and the prevention of cancer, prevention of vascular plaque deposition, adjuvant treatment of asthma also have some effect. Furthermore, mustard also prevent high blood lipids, hypertension, coronary heart disease, reduce blood viscosity and other effects.

Sour food. Shaguo, hawthorn, pickles and so on.

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