Us Immigration And Us Visas

.tags US immigration is a process which is termed as a foreign individual moving to United States as an immigrant or a non immigrant. A foreign individual who wishes to seek entry to United States must posses a visa and abide by the rules and regulations of the US immigration law. A visa is document which allows a person to travel to enter United States but it does not authorize a person to enter United States. The permission to enter United States will have to granted by the inspectors of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) .

If an individual seeks to enter United States on a temporary basis or to stay permanently, he or she is required to have a valid passport and in most cases requires a visa by the US immigration law. The laws determine what the individual must do to enter United states and stay for the authorized period of time.

If an individual violates the US immigration laws, penalties are decided per the rules – either the person to be deported for entering United States illegally or to be imprisoned if attempting to obtain citizenship or permanent resident through improper means.

The US immigration process is complex and getting a visa is not an easy job. There are set of rules that have to be followed strictly in order to obtain a visa. The US visas are classified into two types which are immigrant visas and non immigrant visas. Non Immigrant visas are issued to people who wish to enter United States for a temporary visit, either for business or for pleasure. The immigrant visas are issued to people who wish to live and work permanently in the United States.

US visas

The visa is determined based on the purpose of the visit. For example, if an individual wishes to travel to United States for pleasure or for vacation purpose he or she will be granted a visitor visa. If the individual wishes to attend conference, meeting or any other business related issues, he or she will be granted the business visa. If a person seeks to enter United States for employment purpose he or she may obtain a H1 visa. In this category the US employer must sponsor the individual and must file the petition to USCIS on behalf of the individual.

All US visa applicants are required to be interviewed by the US Embassy or consulate before being granted a visa. Individuals who applied for visa must appear at the consulate for the interview. The individual must follow few steps to apply for the visa.

Submit the visa application
Prepare the required document. Failure to gather all the required evidence might reject the application for visa.
Attend the interview at the scheduled time and must ensue the interview is not missed.
If the visa is approved, the applicant will be notified in writing and the visa will be sent to the address given in the application.
If the application is denied, the individual will be notified in writing the reason for rejection.

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