Use Effectual Natural Cures For Asthma

{flickr|100|campaign} The person suffering with asthma needs regular treatment for extended duration to bring the disease under control that’s the reason natural cures are preferred over usual drug as these cures don’t cause any adverse effects. The reason and causes of Asthma is different for various individuals. Though, allergic reaction are considered to be the leading reasons of asthma. This disease can happen as a result of allergy, heredity, choked lungs, inflammation of respiratory organs, blockages in nostrils, weather conditions and other irritants. All these causes results in inhalation problems for the person, which can be life threatening at times.

Holy basil leaves can give few cures that are very good in stopping asthmatic attacks. Chewing few holy basil leaves with honey as first thing each day, chewing holy basil leaves with rock salt can prevent coming asthmatic attack. You may also try consuming basil leave tea to cure the respiratory organ puffiness, which finally avoid from asthma attacks. You can try making a smooth paste of honey and turmeric powder and go on taking it at standard intervals. This honey turmeric paste is identified as certainly one of the simplest natural medicine for asthma patients.

Aside from all this, if you happen to be an asthmatic sufferers you should be ready having a healing cure for abrupt asthma attacks. The most effective natural cure for abrupt asthma attacks is a ripe banana heated in slow heat. Also, dont forget to drop some black pepper on the heated ripe banana for instant comfort.

Some extra efficient remedies are described under:

1. Half teaspoon of licorice roots mixed with a cup of water and boiled on a low flame for sometime is superior natural cure for asthma.

2. You could also boil spiegel seeds with water. Take this at least twice a day to find out some positive effect.

3. Thirdly, one of the best natural treatments for asthma is a combination made of water and fenugreek seeds. Boil both the components on slow flame. Let it boil unless the mixture reduces to half of its original quantity. You will even put in a little honey and ginger juice to make the combination more efficient.

4. You could also use the Linseed as an effective natural treatment for dried lungs, which eventually ends in asthma attacks. Simply boil about 20 grams of Linseed in about 300 ml of water. Allow it boil until it reduces to half and put in some sugar. Sipping this combination one teaspoon at a time in an hr is extremely effectual.

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