Use These Workouts to Lose Weight Fast


Are you doing hours upon hours of cardio work each week and not having good weight loss results? This is a common problem among many adults who feel like they are working out and not getting the results they hoped for so they end up usually just giving up all together. If this applies to you, your problem is the intensity of your workouts. And I hate to say it but you are just wasting your time in the gym.

Think about this, the Scientific Journal shows that obese Americans that do upwards of 300 hours of cardio exercise each year only lose about 5 pounds of weight. That is a lot of hours of work for hardly any results. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable and if I am going to be in the gym that long, I sure as heck want to see better results than that!

So what you need to do instead is get off your normal cardio workout routine and start using some weight training and interval training instead. You will get better results faster by making this change. Here are a few ideas on some workouts that you can use that I promise will help you lose weight faster and gain muscle so you not only look good, but you’ll feel better too.

Instead of wasting your time on cardio workouts, try getting out of the gym and running on a track or field. Just get outside and run as fast as you can. Wind sprints are a great way to burn fat and speed up your metabolism. I know wind sprints may not sound like your ideal workout, and for most people they just don’t think they can do it. But as long as you get out and run as fast as you can, it will do a world of wonders for your fat loss. And how bad do you want to lose that weight?

Aside from running sprints, weight training is another way to be productive in the gym. No ladies I’m not talking about weight training to bulk up and look huge, rather to increase your muscle so you can burn fat faster and while you are at rest. You don’t need to load up the weights when doing weight training, just use lower weights and higher reps.

If you really want to lose weight, and are spending time in the gym to make it happen, do yourself a favor and start using some workouts that will in fact help you lose weight. Stop the cardio workouts and use some high intensity weight training, sprints, jump rope, or even pick up a sport. These workouts will ultimately have you effectively losing weight faster than long, slow cardio workouts ever will.

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