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Used car prices set to fall again It was widely reported that during the Scrappage Scheme used car prices rose dramatically. Due to the fact that thousands upon thousands of motorists handed their old cars to the scrap yards in return for a shiny new one – the stock levels fell dramatically across the country….and with low stock comes high demand. This meant that hundreds of motorists were left hunting for the lowest priced used cars around and bargains were hard to come by. Experts within the industry all predicted that once the Scrappage Scheme ended the tables would turn – and that seems to be the case. According to some figures that have just been released, used car values will fall by around ten per cent in the second quarter of this year. Values of used cars have so far risen for the past four months in a row, so it’s highly likely that the prices will drop soon. This drop will equate to around 650 pounds on a car that’s valued around six thousand five hundred pounds – so there really will be some good savings to be made. If this is the case then used car sales are likely to increase once again – some of the most popular used cars at the moment include the used Ford Fiesta – which has coincidently just been knocked off the top of the new car sales lists – and the Ford Focus – which now tops the very same list. So – for all of you out there who have been holding off buying a used car due to their rising prices, you’ll know be pleased to hear that you’ll soon be able to buy yourself a bargain used car once again! Keyword: Used ford focus London

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