Useful Effective Nephritis Natural Remedies


Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys. Kidneys are very important since their part is to filter the blood and to eliminate the toxins and the excess of fluids form our body.

Nephritis is caused by a streptococcus infection in the throat, by rheumatic fever and by a scarlet attack.

The main factors that lead to nephritis are: autoimmune diseases, infection, myeloma, lupus or autoimmune nephritis.

The common symptoms of nephritis are: urine contains blood or albumin; kidney aches, cloudy urine, reduced urine, joint pain, headaches and nausea, visual disturbances, and loss appetite.

Persons of all ages can suffer from nephritis. Being a serious disease it must be addressed seriously and treated even from the first symptoms.

Nephritis can be easily cured using natural remedies.

A very simple home remedy is the carrot juice. Mix a glass of carrot juice with teaspoon lime juice and a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture every morning on empty stomach.

Bananas are of a great help in treating nephritis. Due to their high carbohydrate, protein and low salt content bananas have great curative properties. Eat eight, nine bananas every day for five six days.

Avocado is of a great help when it comes about nephritis. Persons who confront with nephritis problems should increase the avocado intake. Because they contain many minerals and a low amount of proteins they proved to be very efficient in treating nephritis.

Due to their great diuretic value, grapes are also very efficient when it comes about nephritis. They contain a high amount of water and potassium salt and that’s why they have an important role in easing the kidney troubles. They are considered one of the best home remedies used in kidney treatments.

Coconut water is another efficient remedy for kidney problems. Take a green tender coconut and extract the water. Drink this water two times a day. It is a safe diuretic and a beneficial treatment.

One of the most beneficial and the safest treatments for kidney problems especially in acute nephritis consists in fasting on certain vegetable juices. This treatment should last between seven and ten days. Vegetable juices are very helpful because they accelerate the elimination of toxins and impurities from our body.

The treatment consisting in vegetable juice fasting should be followed by a fruit juice fasting for another 5 days. After these five days the patient should start consuming milk on regular basis. A well balanced diet is a must in kidneys problems. The diet should be rich in salads, and in raw fruits and vegetables.

Diuretic herb teas are also very useful when it comes about nephritis. Linseed counts among the most efficient herbs. It has great medicinal characteristics being able to cure nephritis and gonorrhea. It has also the medicinal capacity to reduce the irritations of the urinary system. Using linseed on regular basis can be of a great help preventing the problems caused by nephritis.

Parsley is another valuable herb and it can be regularly used to get rid of nephritis.

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