Using A Quality Cigar Humidor

.tags Finding the right humidor in which to store you cigars is one of the most commonly overlooked steps by many cigar enthusiasts.

Think about all of the finer things you enjoy in life and how well you take care of them. Would you even think of leaving a high grade cut of meat sitting a counter rather than in the refrigerator? Would you leave an expensive bottle of wine uncorked until you get around to finishing it off? I doubt that you would! This is precisely why a cigar humidor is so critical when it comes to your cigarsif you don’t take care of your cigars you might as well throw them out.
Simply put, a cigar humidor is a carefully designed container for your cigars.
Humidors are predominantly made from higher end woods with specific properties such as Honduran Mahogany or Spanish cedar. The average humidor for personal use will hold anywhere between 50-150 cigars.

Many humidors also come with something called a hygrometer. Much like you would use a thermometer to measure temperature, the humidor hygrometer is used to measure and regulate the humidity levels inside your humidor. This is a critical measurement to ensure that your cigars age well and maintain their premium taste. For best results cigars should be stored in a between the range of 68% to 72% humidity. This would be at average room temperature which is 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are two types of humidor hygrometers, analog and digital. Analog versions are much less expensive; however, they are also much less reliable. Digital models provide the accuracy that most cigar enthusiasts desire and ensure a safer environment for your premium cigars.

Like most things in life, proper care and maintenance of your humidor and hygrometer is required to maintain their life and performance. Here are just a few tips that are recommended:

1. Do not keep your humidor in direct sunlight; this will affect both temperature and humidity.

2. When cleaning your humidor don’t use any liquids as it may damage the wood.

3. Use a soft cloth to wipe down both the exterior and interior of your humidor.

4. Try not to place any objects on top of your humidor. Over time it can damage the finish and possibly even warp the wood.

So for best results follow these simple guidelines! A humidor is the best way for you to make sure that you’ll enjoy your premium cigars well into the future.

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