Using Common Sense


“One who cannot use common sense will probably not be able to do anything good for themselves.”


“Think to yourself seriously, would a successful person do this?”


It is very important to think BEFORE you act. Many people do spur of the moment things that they make with quick judgment. Some of these things that they might make are mistakes since they did not think them over clearly. A lot of these decisions are basically common sense but sometimes people get so busy or frustrated that they make decisions so quickly without thinking about them.

Sometimes people are peer pressured or they feel that they want to be extra nice to people, which isn’t a bad thing, but at the wrong times and it can lead to trouble or cause harm or damage. Successful people make decisions based on what will empower them and their future life and careers. They weigh all forces together to see what they best decision is before they step forward and proceed with their thoughts.

Tiger Woods knew that the best decision for him would be to practice golf at five o’clock in the morning before the US Open instead of sleeping in because he knew that practicing would help him get to his goals of winning the tournament instead of sleeping which he can do anytime. Sleeping an extra few hours would not help him get to his goal of winning the tournament where practicing golf would help him get his swing and rhythm in motion for the day to put him ahead of the competition in the tournament.

When you really think about that example it is obvious that if you want to make multi-millions and be financially sound you should be practicing before the US Open and not sleeping. This is where common sense comes into play.

Also remember that the most successful people do things that most other people do not do. Tiger Woods practices before a tournament where most of his counterparts are resting before the start of the day and that is why Tiger Woods has been the most successful. This is also common sense.

Another example would be the choice of either ordering a salad or fried food if you are planning to drop a few pounds. Obviously if you think it out you will beat out your temptations and order the salad if you are really serious about accomplishing your goal of dropping a few pounds and this is just simple common sense.

People who use common sense and actually use it in regards to making decisions toward their goals in life are the ones that accomplish their goals. Always look at everything you do and see if it will put you on the path that you want to be on and if it is appropriate for you or not.

All it takes in order to get to these goals are common sense and a couple seconds of thought. It is a very simple concept that so many people forget and they end up complaining about their lives simply because they did not use simple common sense.

Just turn on your thinking cap and you will get SO much further!

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