Vegetarian Omega 3 Capsules Beneficial for Pregnant Women and Child


There are various ways in which Omega 3 capsules could be taken. These are the nutritional health supplements which people need to take so as to meet out the requirement of the essential vitamins and nutrients which are otherwise not manufactured in the human body. One of the forms of Omega 3 is the vegetarian Omega 3 capsules, beneficial for pregnant women and the child or foetus as well.

Omega 3 is rich in following nutrients:

* Flaxseed Oil (processed)
* Folic Acid
* Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
* Alpha – linolenic acid

Folic acid, as most of us might be aware, is very essential for maintaining a good health in women. Additionally, intake of folic acid during pregnancy makes the wall of the uterus stronger, hence providing support for the developing foetus.

Gestational diabetes is a very common deficiency disease which occurs in pregnant women. The flaxseeds are very helpful in dealing with such a situation. Many such health problems that crop up during pregnancy can be dealt with Omega 3 capsules. Hypertension, anemia and asthma are among the other pregnancy related diseases on which the Omega 3 has been a very effective one. Sometimes women also have to face depression pre- or post delivery. Omega3 has also been found to be effective in dealing with such issues. Folic acid being a major constituent of this health supplement, promotes cell division and maturation of the red blood cells. It is particularly good for the developing baby.

Neurological disorders in the developing foetus can be very dangerous. The Omega 3 capsules in various forms like Omegamax, Oxyflax etc helps in preventing from such a situation to occur. The prominent effects of this health supplement on the new born babies is that if mother takes this supplement during pregnancy then the child is sure to be born with high IQ levels. Increased birth weight of the child can also be assured with the proper intake of Omega 3 capsules. This nutritional supplement is also good to have better and proper formation of brain and nervous system. Owing to so many effects on the pregnant women and child, Omega 3 is considered good for both of them.

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