Video Marketing Guide by Mark Attwood

Video Marketing Guide by Mark Attwood If I told you that a recent Cisco report predicted that by 2018 84% of all internet traffic would be from video, would that make you interested to know how your business can really capitalise on what is still the most under-used commercial medium on the internet, despite being the fastest growing?

I’m Mark Attwood, founder of the Entrepreneurs Internet Marketing Academy and creator of the Technophobes Guide to Internet Marketing Success.

I was an early adopter of video marketing in the UK back in 2005, and grasping exactly how to make this medium PAY helped me enormously in generating over £40 million for just one of my businesses.

I have been teaching other entrepreneurs and owners of real world businesses since 2008, and it amazes me how many people are missing out on simple and low-cost video marketing strategies that can skyrocket your traffic, conversions, sales and profits.

That’s why I have written this packed ebook just for you.

It’s called “The 7 Step Blueprint to Making More Money with Online Video Marketing: How to Get Free Traffic, Higher Conversions and Market Domination”

I know, snappy title.

In this ebook I break it all down into 7 easy steps…

1. Why you MUST be doing video marketing
2. It’s more than just YouTube
3. The importance of finding your GOLD keywords
4. Every new video you upload is a new page on the internet, so OPTIMISE it
5. How to make videos cheaply, effectively and more importantly, QUICKLY
6. The low-tech hack for getting higher rankings fast
7. How to get the investment in this ebook back FAST!

When thinking about what I should sell this ebook for, I initially thought that £197 was a fair price.

It’s actually worth 100 x that price when I think about what the strategies have done for my income and the incomes of my clients.

But then I remembered how much I would have appreciated a serious leg-up at the beginning of my online marketing journey because, when I started there was practically no-one around who was telling it how it was let alone having a track record to prove what they were saying.

So, I’ve decided to make this available at a price anyone who is serious about their business making more money from online marketing can afford.

Not only that, I offer a no-quibble money back guarantee – it you’re not delighted by the information I have put together for you, just email me within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

I’ve put a lot of work into this ebook to make it as concise and easy to understand as possible, plus I’m putting in some bonus video training to help you make that decision right now.

Just click on the BUY now button and you’ll get instant access to the ebook and the bonuses.

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