Video Marketing Revolutionizes the Advertising Industry


The advertising industry has been revolutionized with the emergence of the internet. Businesses nowadays have an advantage through online marketing because the internet is the largest marketplace there is, where both sellers and consumers converge and negotiate deals twenty-four hours a day. Modern marketing methods have a big difference over the traditional methods of marketing almost two decades ago. And one of the factors that create this difference is video marketing.

Movies and music videos are not the only ones that can be uploaded and submitted to video distribution websites. How to videos, speeches, promotional messages, publications and broadcasts are also being widely transmitted through these sites and practical marketers can tap into this medium to get more leads and extend their business’ reach farther.

Video marketing can be done in a many ways. It doesn’t always take a professional shoot for your wonderful ideas to transpire because even a cheap camera or cell phone that supports a video feature, along with ample video editing skills and a computer will usually suffice for coming up with your own promotional video for marketing your featured product or offered services.

Most people may look down on this seemingly cheap procedure, yet this meager start could turn out to be a powerful marketing tool when submitted to video submission and distribution sites. Through their proprietary technology that tremendously boosts a marketing campaign by sending the promotional video to various significant sites that will surely gain valuable leads to one’s business.

Through video distribution sites and software programs, people will certainly take notice of one’s business, featured product or offered services because more people are turning away from the traditional entertainment medium such as television and the radio, and are leaning more towards the internet to be entertained.

Before jumping into this popular campaign, there are some essential factors to consider because video marketing is not all about making a video, submitting it to directories then wait for it to bring prospects to your business, because it certainly doesn’t happen that way. First, you may want to name you video appropriately. Name your video with something pleasant and relevant to your business, make it compelling if you can, and never name it with irrelevant characters such as those made up entirely of numbers, as this will make your video be disregarded by search engines. It is also necessary to use keywords in your video’s title and description because your video will be indexed properly by search engines, and make it relatively easy to be found in the web.

You may also want to make your video short, straight to the point, and professional. Set up a target range that’s competitive enough. Like for instance, the competition’s information on their website takes someone 12 minutes to read, whereas your promotional message only takes about 3-4 minutes of their time. If you successfully captivate a prospective customer’s attention within the first 10 or 20 seconds of your video, then it is more likely that they will watch your full promotional video, giving you a higher chance of making a sale.

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