Visakhapatnam City Guide

.tags Visakhapatnam is a culturally rich city of Andhra Pradesh where tourists come from far and wide. It was once a quaint fishing village but now it has become one of the fastest growing cities of Asia and also one of the Indias busiest commercial ports and largest shipping yard. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal this city derived it name from the god Vaishaka. Popularly known as Vizag this city is also the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command.

Visakhapatnam boasts of glorious history as it was at one point of time a part of the ancient empire of Kalinga. Several great rulers ruled over it such as Ashoka and Krishnadeva Raya. During the 18th century it was a Dutch colony. Today this city offers a perfect blend of the ancient and modern worlds.

From historic sites to scenic beauty, wildlife and modern entertainments, Visakhapatnam has a lot to enchant you with. Let yourself loose in the mesmerizing natural beauty of this city and forget about all your worries of day to day life. Its beaches will surely offer you a rejuvenating experience. The beaches against the backdrop of majestic hills and gorgeous greenery around will surely crown your holidays with pleasurable and golden memories.

One of the fascinating attractions of this city is the Dolphins Nose which is a giant rocky headland of 174 m high. It is located in the southern part of the city. This rock resembles a dolphins nose and is located at an altitude of 358 m with its projection into the sea. This natural attraction of the city attracts many a visitors. It offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. It is a lighthouse which has a light beam that can be seen as far as 64 km out at sea.
The ropeway from Appughar to Kailashgiri is another wonderful attraction here. It offers great views of the surroundings.

Visakhapatnam is a wonderful tourist destination of Andhra Pradesh where tourists come from far and wide. Visakhapatnam Travel Guide offers amazing attractions to crown your holidays with golden memories. For more info and exclusive India tour packages Contact us.

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