Visiting Ban Phe


Thailand is becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia. Situated in South East Asia, Thailand boasts of magnificent islands, picturesque hills, astonishing waterfalls and abundant monsoon rain forests. The places of tourist attractions in Ban Phe are classified in terms of regions such as North East, South, Central and East region. Every region has some of the wonderful tourist attractions.

Ban Phe is a busy beautiful fishing port and also a center of marine products. The town of Ban Phe is a great place in Thailand for the tourist to enjoy and relax at the long white sandy beach and satisfy your taste buds with exotic seafood. The shops on the main street of Ban Phe offers marine products, souvenirs and jewelry fashioned from shells of different designs, shapes and colors. Constant visitors are observed at this place as it is a gateway to Koh Samet Island .

There are few places where you can accommodate yourself, eat, check your email etc… Though Ban Phe is not as good as Ko Samet but exploring this town will show you the life of the people in a port town. Since the major attraction is the Laem Mae Phim beach, most of the good accommodation facilities and restaurants are concentrated closer to the beach.

The restaurants in Ban Phe do not boast of any 5-star facilities, but in their very own way they are really impressive and just about perfect to treat the visiting tourists. The restaurants offer western/seafood, and thai and they are very good at it. Apart from these luxurious restaurants, there are numerous food stalls dotting the beach. These stalls serve cheap but tasty seafood which is fresh and made in front of you. There are numerous bars along the shoreline which offer all kinds of drinks for the people to enjoy along the white sandy beach.

There are not many big hotels but there are many small privately owned hotels and guest houses to fulfill the accommodation needs of the tourists. As one goes away from the beach towards the interior countryside, one can see typical Thai style guest houses and small hotels which are available to the tourists at cheap rates. These narrow streets are a perfect place to take a stroll. Lined with small shops, it is a perfect place to buy some Thai souvenirs.

All in all, this small beautiful port town of Ban Phe acts as a perfect compliment for its more famous neighboring island Koh Samet. With the tranquil surroundings and sparsely moderate population, it is a good way to spend a few days or a week.

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