Vitamin E and Stretch Marks


Can Vitamin E help stretch marks?

Every single person with stretch marks wants a magic cure. This is totally understandable, as nobody likes the look of them. Recently, people have been looking at the connection between stretch marks and the use of vitamin E to improve their appearance

Vitamin E contains antioxidants which act as skin protectors and healers. Antioxidants in vitamin E give skin a healthy glow and appearance by ridding the body of free radicals. Due to its skin healing properties, vitamin E has naturally come into focus as a possible remedy.

Although vitamin E will not rid you completely of your marks, I’m sure you agree that any improvement is a good improvement, right?

Vitamin E for treatments can come in several different forms. Some people have had good success with vitamin E oil caplets. These caplets seem to work quite well on newer marks, but have even managed to reduce and fade the appearance of older stretch marks on some women who have tried this particular remedy.

The caplet should be cut open so that the vitamin E oil can be applied directly to the area. After a shower is the best time to apply the oil as your skin is clean at this time. The vitamin E oil should be allowed to soak into your skin, do not attempt to wipe it off. This should be done daily for maximum results.

Whilst the oil has worked for some women, others have no had such luck with this form of vitamin e. Instead, some women swear by vitamin E supplements. That is, by simply buying vitamin E tablets and taking them on a daily basis. This form of vitamin supplement can also assist your health in other ways, as your whole body is reaping the rewards of the vitamin E.

Vitamin E and stretch marks still require some significant testing and researching to discover if it really can be a magic cure for stretch mark sufferers. In the meantime, there are some supplements that have been proven in clinical trials to visibly reduce unsightly scars, stretch marks and skin abrasions.

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