Vladimir Putin: 2010?s Most Memorable Real-life Images

The current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is considered as one of the most powerful celebrities worldwide. People can know more about his intelligence, personality and passion through real-life photos, which capture normal but unforgettable moments of the former KGB man. Unlike many country’s leaders, Putin often makes appearance in wildlife reservations, in public and even in motor racing competition. He is also seen to go hunting or fishing, play with children, visit the research centers, ride high-speed vehicles and refuel a car at the petrol station. Now, let’s encode his images and find out why the prestigious politician has much positive impacts on others.


Screens at a shop in Moscow displayed the Putin’s image during his annual televised question-and-answer sesssion on December 16


Putin sat in the cabin of a Russian firefighting aircraft on Aug. 10


Putin went fishing and hunting during his trip to Ubsunur Hollow Biosphere Reserve in Tuva Republic


Putin and scientists took care of a polar bear on the island of Alexandra Land on April 29


Putin inspected a new fifth-generation fighter at Rameskoye airfield on June 17 in Zhukovsky


Putin rode a Harley-Davidson Lehman Trike in Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula on July 24


Putin drove an F1 race car on the special track outside St. Petersburg on Nov. 7


Putin visited a Lukoil stationary oil platform in the Caspian Sea on April 28


Putin fed a moose on June 5 during a trip to the Moose Island National Park in Moscow


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin kissed a baby during his visit to Nevskaya Dubrowka dormitory outside St. Petersburg on May 29, 2010


Putin played tic-tac-toe game with the schoolchildren in Tyumen


Putin refueled a Russian-made Lada Kalina car when he stopped at the petrol station in the Khabarovsk region on August 27


Medvedev and Putin played billiards on vacation in the Black Sea resort of Sochi on Dec. 3


Putin played piano during a charity concert in Saint Petersburg on December 10



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Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump Saying He Has ‘No Disappointment At All’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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