Webinar – The Science of Segmentation: What Questions You Should be Asking Your Data?

Webinar – The Science of Segmentation: What Questions You Should be Asking Your Data?

Enterprise companies starting the transformation into a data-driven organization ​often ​​wonder where to start. Companies have traditionally collected large amounts of data from sources such as operational systems. With the rise of big data, big data technologies and the ​I​nternet of ​T​hings​ (IoT)​, additional sources​ – such as sensor readings and social media posts​ – are rapidly becoming available. In order to effectively utilize both traditional sources ​and new ones, companies first need to join and view the data in a holistic context. After establishing a data lake to bring all data sources together in a single analytics environment, one of the first data science projects ​worth exploring is segmentation​, which automatically identif​ies​ patterns.

In this DSC webinar, two Pivotal data scientists will discuss:

· What segmentation is
· Traditional approaches to segmentation
· How big data technologies are enabling advances in this field

They will also share some stories from past ​d​ata ​s​cience ​engagements, ​outline ​best practices and discuss the kinds of insights ​that can be derived from a big data approach to segmentation using both internal and external data sources.

Grace Gee, Data Scientist​ — Pivotal​
Jarrod Vawdrey, Data Scientist — Pivotal​

Hosted by:
Tim Matteson, Co-Founder — Data Science Central

To learn more about data at Pivotal, visit http://www.pivotal.io/big-data
To view slides, visit http://www.slideshare.net/Pivotal/webinar-the-science-of-segmentation-what-questions-you-should-be-asking-your-data

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