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The capital city of the Netherlands Amsterdam is also one of its largest cities. The city is a hub of the country’s commercial and financial activities. It is also a cultural capital of the country with a tradition of music, theatre and drama. Simultaneously this is also a city that is known for its vibrant nightlife. There is so much about Amsterdam that it does not stand to make a one liner. So here are some of its important facets. 5 The city of Amsterdam is home to many of its top companies along with being the same for some of the top 500 international corporations. 6 Amsterdam has a pleasantly cold climate even though it enjoys a certain heat effect that happens when a country is surrounded by water on three sides. 7 It is a city that is known for a great deal of cultural activities. Theatre, drama, music and the ballet being some of its chief attractions. 8 This is also a centre for fashion in the country with some of the leading brands in fashion being based out of the city. 9 The city of Amsterdam is unique because of its tolerant and affable society with members of almost every religion of the world residing here. Amsterdam Holidays The city of Amsterdam has so much to offer that it can make for one of the best ever holidays abroad for you and your family. Apart from the wonderful climate there are a whole lot of options of recreation and places to visit, things to see, things to do and enjoy the trip. The high level performance of the tourism industry that sees a rise of visitors to the country every year has led to the opening of more hotel accommodations, many of which are cheap and cost effective options. You can also make plans for an Amsterdam hen weekend bash or a stag weekend getaway. This is a city that is well known for its vibrant nightlife of live music, discos and nonstop music. Amsterdam Attractions There are several places to see in Amsterdam. Here are a few names to help you with your plans. 10 Van Gogh Museum – This is a museum that showcases the work and art of the great painter Van Gogh. 11 Rijksmuseum – This is a centre of 17th century collection of Dutch art that includes works by Rembrandt and Vermeer. 12 Anne Frank House – This is the house from where Anne Frank penned down her story in the famous the diary of Anne Frank. 13 Paradiso – A centre of live music and concerts along with club music. 14 Melkweg – one of the best nightclubs of the city this disco is also the biggest in Amsterdam offering nightlong music and dance for entertainment. There are several flights and online reservation facilities available for hotels offering different rates of accommodation.

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