Weight Loss – Not Eating To Lose Weight


Not eating to lose weight is one of the most common methods many dieters use in order to accomplish their weight loss goals. This method also happens to be one of the biggest dieting myths, however. Why is it a myth and not fact? The idea behind not eating to lose weight is simple: if you reduce your caloric intake, your body will begin to break down its fat deposits in order to generate energy, resulting in weight loss. That’s the idea, anyhow.




So why does eating less simply not work?

If your body experiences a sudden decrease in food intake, it will automatically slow your metabolism down because it’ll believe that you’re starving. In order to conserve energy, your body will actually store the fat that it already contains since it “thinks” that food is scarce. What happens when you try not eating to lose weight is that you will end up changing your body’s chemistry and the opposite of what you want to happen will take place: you will actually start to gain weight by not eating.

Is not eating to lose weight unhealthy?

In a word, yes. The human body is complex, but you must keep in mind that it runs like a machine. It needs fuel to keep going, and if we take away that fuel, it will eventually shut down. Not eating will make you lack energy, feel tired, and generally have you feeling bad. Not only that, but you’ll also be putting your body at risk for sicknesses like heart disease and cancer, which proper eating can help to fight.

So if not eating to lose weight is a myth, what ways do help?

First of all, even though it sounds contradictory, you should actually eat more often. I’m not saying binge throughout the day, but eating 5 or 6 proportionate meals daily is the way to go. Put a diet plan in place that allows you to eat things you know you like to eat because this will help cut down on the risk of failure. And do your best to avoid hitting the vending machines or snack cabinets when you just need something to do. It’s okay to snack, but when you feel the need to, find something healthier than cookies or chips. A piece of fruit or some vegetables should do the trick.



There’s more and more evidence coming out nowadays that not eating to lose weight doesn’t work for dieters and, even more importantly, is unhealthy for them. Don’t fall into this trap!! You’ll just end up hurting yourself in the long run. Remember, there are ways to eat the foods you like and still lose weight. It just takes a little know-how.




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