Weight Loss – The Alkaline Diet


Strange name for a diet but it should be noted that anyone going on this diet generally wants to achieve better health, more energy and of course the all powerful weight loss.

This diet puts the emphasis on unprocessed foods and is based on the idea that our forefathers – the hunter gatherers – ate a very different diet. There were no processed foods around at that time and all their needs were met by nature. They ate mainly fruits, nuts, roots and the odd wild vegetables and legumes. Meat was around but very difficult to “catch” so they tended to eat very little.

The modern western style diets of today are very different and many believe that this western habit of eating processed foods contributes to illness, excessive weight gain and our general lack of energy.

What do I mean by Alkaline? I hear people ask this question all the time. Alkaline is just a term we use and it is based upon our blood PH balance. Our PH balance tends to be very alkaline due to our westernized diet, so by changing from processed foods to natural foods we can lower our PH which will help us lose our excess weight while feeling healthy and full of energy.

Explanation of the term Western food

Western food only really came into existence once agriculture and animal husbandry developed thus providing us with dairy, meat, sugar and grain – grains were only cultivated once man got the ability to fashion tools out of stone.

So if we think about our body structure and digestive tract the foods we eat today are pretty new to our system – give or take a few hundred years. We over indulge in sugar, salt, red meat and processed foods that are full of preservatives. Start changing to our forefathers diet and not only will your health improve but you will find a steady decline in your weight and tons more energy available for your daily activities.

There would be no harm done in going back to the way our forefathers ate, in fact all it will do is make you healthier, give you more energy and get your weight down to what your body structure requires. Start today, change your lifestyle and eating habits for the good, cause as we all know good food is good health!

Please note: scientific studies regarding this diet are in the works, but currently there is no evidence either way.

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