Weight Loss Twins Competition Motivates You to Lose Weight Fast


Bill and Jim Germanakos know a thing or two about how hard it is to keep motivated to lose weight. As the winners in Season 4 of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” Bill & Jim, sometimes called the “Weight Loss Twins,” had to overcome major challenges enroute to victory. To help others replicate their feat, they’ve created the 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

The 60 Day Challenge is built around Bill and Jim’s Rapid Action Metabolism (RAM) System. RAM is the system the brothers used during their stint on “The Biggest Loser,” where they managed to lose as much as 10 pounds in a single week, and lost a combined total of 350 pounds during the competition. During this new Challenge, you’ll get to put the RAM system to work on your own weight loss goals.

“The hardest part of any self-improvement plan is overcoming the inevitable stumbles along the way,” said Jim, who won the prize for biggest weight lost among those who had been voted off the show. “The key to success is not to give up just because you’ve had a bad week…” To help you get back to the plan after you’ve had that bad week, the brothers are offering some impressive prizes for the winners of the 60 Day Challenge.

This is a serious challenge, and it comes with serious prizes, all of which are great in their own right, as well as being things that will help you keep your weight under control. From a Caribbean cruise vacation for two with Bill and Jim, to a $ 100 gift certificate to Whole Foods, each prize reinforces the positive changes you’ll need to make to win the challenge. Think about it. They’re giving you a proven system to meet your weight loss goals, along with the chance to win excellent prizes. How great is that?

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