Weight Watcher: Practical Tips


Avoid shopping when hungry and keep to a shopping list

You’re hungry and you are at your local supermarket. Your tummy begins to rumble as you walk up and down each aisle, it’s been ages since you have had breakfast and you find yourself reaching for items that are not on your list, you start putting them in your trolley, even the naughty items…hmmm (sound familiar)?  Have you noticed that when you go to your local supermarket that they (the supermarket) actually arrange items on the shelves and on displays in aisles that encourage impulse buying, even if it is unhealthy! This includes the pastries or the Tim Tam biscuits and the family size chocolate blocks, right by the check outs or enticing the food deprived and hungry patronage with the aroma of freshly baked yummy tid bits that seduce your senses as you enter the

sliding doors. Could this be just my mind playing games because I have not had something to eat? No way – it’s what the supermarketers want from you! But don’t be caught out, be strong and say no with these tips:

Make a list before you leave the office or home. This means that you will know exactly what you want and you are more likely to stick to a written list (as this is accountability) then having a mental note floating around in your head.

Go straight for the where the fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and other produce are stored, including lean meat (and where appropriate opt for organic even though it may be a little more expensive which is a healthier choice). The inner aisles tend to have the fattier items that are filled with processed foods.

Read your labels. If it’s high in fat, salt, and preservatives and has more than half the sugar content hidden in the carbs then don’t buy it!
Always shop after a meal, that way you won’t be tempted by anything the supermarket has to offer.
Please don’t be tempted by “free” samples. Remember some little taste treat often winds up sending off alarm bells for impulse buying.
Friends can help with keeping you on track and focused whilst shopping

Hey now you are a super savvy shopper….well done!!


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