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Shard, London
Shard, London
By EEPaul on 2014-02-26 13:58:48

London is epitomized by its history. The bridge across the Thames was its landmark. The Romans first built it, making Londinium as their trade center, and sea port. The bridge across the Thames represents one of its main features. The expansion of London merged with it the villages that were separate previously, along with another city of Westminster. Some of these have simply become extinct, while others have retained little bit of their character, or at least their name.

Different layers of history go into the making of London. Westminster Abbey was a wonder till the arrival of Normans. They began constructing the Tower of London. The monarchs left their mark, from palaces like St James and Buckingham to hunting grounds and parks like the Richmond Park and the Hyde Park. The great fire of London and the Luftwaffe changed its face in World War II. Wren’s churches came out of the ruins of each, of which much can still be found.

Of late London has seen high rise buildings, but the modern description of London remains incomplete without “The Gherkin”, as well as The Houses of Parliament and St Paul’s cathedral.

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