Wellness Brand Dog Food: Feeding During Pregnancy


The female must be at least one year of age before they are first bred which doesn’t depend on the type of dog breed. In the case of male, the dog mustn’t be overweight as they can anatomically and mentally inefficient for mating and the females overweight can cause low rate of conception and more problem in whelping. So the dog should be fed with quality pet food like Wellness Brand Dog Food individually for achieving normal body condition.

During the pregnancy, the dog’s requirements for nutrients and calorie increases and during this period the female food intake must be increase accordingly. The Diets with more metabolizing calorie in each pound of the food and at least 20 % of protein is recommended for pregnant. The easiest way to acquire a proper health of the dog is to give them better quality food like wellness Brand Dog food which is labeled for balanced and complete growth and reproduction and for all stages of life.

You can provide all those food to the pregnant dog if they are not supposed to gain excessive weight. It is usual t decrease the food intake temporarily by female at about 2 or 3 weeks before pregnancy. They will eat more at the latter stage of the pregnancy but however if this doesn’t happen and the female body get deteriorating, then you have to take some serious step. Some of the feeding tips are like moistening dry food in warm water to increase palatability or you can also add some canned food in their normal dry food and continue to feed like this for several days. As the whelping time appears near, the pregnant female can lose their appetite which is normal behavior, unless they have some serious health problems, you don’t have to implement feeding programs. In the most case, the refusal to food indicates that the whelping is about to begin within 48 hours and within 24 hours after giving birth, the appetite will return and should be given all that food she desire for.

Water is basic during reproduction which serves as the nutrients carrier to the fetus and also removes wastes for elimination. Fresh water should be provided before birth and after birth along with the nutritious diets like Wellness Brand Dog Food.

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