What are short term apartment rental nyc, and are they worth it?


If you have ever had to take a business trip, or a vacation to see a family member, but you have nowhere to stay, and you will either be there too short of a time to rent an apartment, or too long of a time to stay in the costly hotels.

Now you are probably wondering what is included in these apartments. Well everything you would expect to find in a normal apartment. This can be a good thing for the budget conscience minded ones. However, if your trip is likely to be less than one week these may not be the best idea to use, as a standard hotel may be cheaper.

Each of the requirements does vary from company to company, and from private individuals who can sometimes have lax or stringent requirements.

Well the answer to this common problem can be quite simple, you can try short term apartment rentals new york city for excellent rates, usually much cheaper than a hotel if you need to stay awhile or just extend your trip. This can be good for the person on a budget as short term apartment rentals nyc are indeed cheaper than most hotels and apartments you can stay in, but you should beware some require a one week deposit ahead of time in case you stay longer.


The only exception to these apartments that will differentiate short term apartment rentals NYC from normal ones, is the fact that you will most of the time pay on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with no long term contracts to prevent you from leaving the apartment when you are finished. As listed above, these are good for business trips and a good place to stay if you are going to be in town for a little while, allowing you to save money on hotels and the likes.


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