What Are the Top 10 Natural Remedies For Cold and Flu Symptoms


Medicine aside, there are many natural ways to effectively treat cold and flu symptoms ranging from making dietary changes to yoga or tai chi and drinking herbal teas.  These remedies have proven themselves throughout history to be significantly instrumental in aiding the human body in its defense against illnesses.  Yet over the years, despite nature’s dedication and consistency, it has become common place for us to instantly look toward medicine to treat illnesses such as the common cold.  This has resulted in the abandoning of what we know as time-tested, well-proven, traditional, natural healing methods, which has been to our detriment.  This is why looking back to nature is essential and what better place to start than in treating cold and flu symptoms starting with the options listed below.

Ginger – acts as an antihistamine and decongestant.  It can be consumed as an extract or powder and added to tea or juice.  Also, a slice of the ginger root itself can be added to water and gargled to treat sore throats;
Olive Leaf Extract – contains a powerful phytochemical, oleuropein, which is a potent immunity enhancer.  Also, olive leaf extract interacts with the protein in the cold and flu virus, which consequently halts the infection;
Garlic – is high in selenium and antidioxidants which makes it great for treating coughs and sore throats.  More than that you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up a resistance to this one, it won’t happen, and if you’re worried about garlic breath just chew on a few fresh parsley leaves after taking it;
Echinacea – contains polysaccharides, which increase white blood cell count.  Also, echinacea contains copper, iron, iodine, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and E making it a powerful natural antibiotic;
Almonds – contain zinc and have been found to increase immunity;
Flaxseeds – contain lignans and are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to combat viruses such as the common cold and flu;
Broccolli – is high in Vitamin C which is an antidioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  This makes broccoli good for easing cold symptoms;
Citrus Fruits – contain Vitamin C which is well-known for boosting immunity;
Elderberry – contains bioflavonoids and other proteins that stop the spread of cold and flu viruses dead in their tracks; and
Yin Chiao – is last on the list, but certainly not the least.  Yin Chiao is known as the world’s best natural cold remedy.  Yin Chiao is used by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to treat sore throats and as a cough suppressant.  Containing a powerhouse listing of herbs: honeysuckle; forsythia; balloon flower; peppermint; edible burdock; crested grass; schizonepeta; fermented soy bean; and Chinese licorice root, this formula kicks butt!

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