What Exercise Burns the Most Calories


One of the most common beliefs is that exercising burns calories. However, how many of us know that what types burn the most calories. We all know that the best way to lose fat and weight is through exercise. Also, it has a various other benefits than weight loss and keeps the body active and also activates the brain.

Bench Step Ups: This is yet another lower body focused exercise that’s great for burning calories. What I like best about the bench step up exercise is the fact that it blends strength training in with aerobic conditioning. You really get the best of both worlds with this. To maximize your energy output, alternate between legs as you step up onto the bench.

What exercises burn the most fat? Well, Tom describes Hanging leg raises, Hanging knee ups (bent-knee leg raises), Weighted swiss ball crunches (or weighted cable crunches), incline bench reverse crunches combined with instructions on how to use cardio for maxium fat-burning.

Especially if you are unfit and just beginning an exercise routine, always check with your physician first to talk your plans over your fitness plans with them. You want to make sure what you are about to engage in will work for you considering your current fitness level.

Doing intervals simply means performing repetitions of various body weight exercises and doing them for one set, resting for a minute or so, and repeating another set. You get an intense full-body workout in less time. Best of all, these workouts can be done at home, at a park, or a local gym. Great body weight workouts that work well with intervals are calisthenics.

Of course, it does come down to how much effort you put into any given machine. The harder you work, the more you burn, but by keeping in mind that the more muscle groups you incorporate into the exercise, the more your body will have to exert itself and thus the more calories you will use. Be sure to find what you’re target heart rate should be in order to reap the most benefits from your cardio routine. Also be sure to pick something you like and enjoy and that you will continue to do. It’s no use knowing that running will burn more calories than biking, if you hate it and would never do it!

Experts everywhere agree that aerobic exercise is the best way to burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. If you can afford some aerobic classes at your local gym, you can have a lot of fun trying out different forms of aerobic exercise, including dance and kickboxing classes. Any type of exercise that you do raise your heart rate is considered aerobic. If you can’t afford going to a gym, purchase some videos to do at home or get outside and walk/run or ride your bike.

These are scientific facts, but common sense would tell us that being at rest everyday will not help us lose weight! Yes, your body does need a certain amount of oxygen to properly break down fat cells, and yes, your body generally receives more oxygen when you’re exercising at a lower intensity. However, the notion that low intensity exercise is the best way to decrease body fat does not make sense mathematically, nor has it ever been proven in exercise research.

If you haven’t exercised in a long period of time, you should not jump into anything too quickly. Cardio exercises can start out with walking around your neighborhood for 20 minutes, then increasing the time as you improve. If you can work your way up to a light jog or even running, it will burn more calories as well as build up your endurance.

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