What is Email Marketing ? – Small business email marketing

What is Email Marketing ? – Small business email marketing

Best online marketing strategy – Small business email marketing

Is email marketing your #1 marketing channel?If your answer is NO,then you are missing out the most profitable form of marketing to promote your business products and services.But what exactly is email marketing? Email marketing is all about targeting the right audience with the right message the right time via email.

If you have a website that receives a good amount of traffic but sales are low,then what you really need is a promotional method that will allow you to establish an effective communication between you and your potential customers.But how can you do that?

The money is in the list marketers say!In other words building an email database of hungry buyers craving for your products and services is the first step towards long term online success.The trick to build an email list is to give your site visitors something clever,something in exchange for their email addresses and consent to email them.”Please send me news and updates via email”

Email marketing offers so many advantages over other types of marketing.

It is affordable.It cost so little to send promotional messages to your list.
It has the highest return on investment .Direct Marketing Association estimated that email marketing typically returns £40 for every £1 invested.
It is easy to create ,you can even choose one of hundrends of premade templates that come with your email marketing software.
It is enviromentaly friendly
you can measure your email campaigns performance plus you can segment your audience according to certain criteria.
It can be automated and scheduled to send personalized emails, or even follow-ups to people who open your emails
Email campaigns can be responsive,in other words to adapt to all viewing environments such as tablets and mobile devices.
Email marketing can be combined with other communication channels such as facebook and twitter to boost your campaigns viral effect.

So ,how can a business like yours take advantage of email marketing? Click the link below to learn how you can boost your sales and skyrocket your business!

00:12 Why you need to incorporate email marketing to your business
00:20 What is email marketing
00:35 The importance of establishing a connection with your visitors
00:55 Regular contact with your visitors is key to create return customers
01:02 How to make people subscribe to your mailing list (Offer: coupons discounds and deals)
01:20 The money is in the list
01:30 Email marketing is affordable
01:35 Track and measure the performance and success of email campaigns
01:40 Segment your audience based on all kinds of specific criteria such as (location gender interests)
01:50 Email marketing can also be responsive (Create one email that will render well on both desktop computers and mobile devices)
02:00 Combine email marketing with social networks.
02:05 Email marketing is environmentally friendly!

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