WHAT THE URINE COLOR STATES ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. Your Urine Color Can Reveal Your Health Issues. Hey, if you don’t take a look at your pee before you flush it then you should start to.

Because the color of your pee is much important to reveal about your health issues.

Whatever you eat or drink even the amount of your food affects your pee a lot.

Pee color can tell whether your body is perfectly hydrated or not.

Know about the urine colors and the health issues related to them:

1. Clear Urine

If the color of urine is clear for a longer period then it could be the sign of diabetes insipidus.

In this type of the diabetes, people release more water and this can make the person more thirsty and interrupt the sleep cycle.

2. Darker Yellow Urine

The standard color of urine is yellow but if the color is darker you should drink more water.

3. Neon Yellow Urine

No need to worry much if your urine color is this. As if your body takes more vitamin B and C, it can’t store them for long. So, the color changes while releasing them.

4. Orange Urine

Too much dehydration or too much salty food may be the reason for this color of urine. Otherwise a cyst or tumor impeding the bile duct leading to jaundice.

5. Blue Urine

Food dyes and certain medications are the main reason for this type of urine color.

6. Red Urine

Some food can naturally cause this color. Sometimes the blood in urine stream can be a sign of kidney cancer or bladder stones.

7. Green Urine

This can be caused by bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The medications for Parkinson’s disease and antidepressants can also be the reason of this hue.

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