What to Do to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks


A small carbohydrates diet can be an effective and fast weight loss method. It is focused around the concept that our body works in a good order and expeditiously when we eat mostly protein. It takes carbohydrates as the enemy in our struggle for a healthy and fit body. This diet needs an initial pulling out from all carbohydrates, but finally allows for little quantity to be added back to your diet bit by bit. This approach will permit you to jump start your diet and finally get a comfortable journal intake of carbohydrates that permits you to preserve a healthy weight. Below is what you need to do to lose weight in 2 weeks.

1. You should jump start the diet by seriously limiting your carbohydrates consumption. On the first day, your diet should mostly be beef, fish, eggs, cheese, sausage, pork and chicken.

2. Consume not more than thirty grams of carbohydrates every day for days two to fourteen of the diet. Your body will likely be in ketosis (a state in which fat is mainly used to fuel the body) during this time. This will jump start your diet by inducing it to shed pounds instantly. You will lose between eight and ten pounds, by the end of the first two week.

3. You have to drink adequate amount of water while doing the low carbohydrate diet. This will aid you to remain hydrous. The most of other drinks are off limits.

4. Begin a workout regime to compliment the diet and also to aid you found a new healthy lifestyle. Along with fat, you will also lose muscle while dieting. A strength building action will aid you keep the muscle, but still lose the fat. It is very important to workout for four days per week for at least thirty minutes each time.

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