What To Do When Ethical Questions Arise In Circumcision Essay?

.tags It is common thing that the students are assigned to write circumcision essays, although it is considered a right thing for the males of our society, still student find it difficult to handle the questions for writing circumcision essay but they cannot run from it and they have to cope with the difficult situation at any case.

So, we have decided to guide you thought the process of handling ethical questions while writing circumcision essays, so, go through them and apply it when the difficult situation arises.

1.Circumcision deals with the phenomena of immunization, discuss while giving your point of view about it, if you believe it or not?


?What do you think, if both the terms are the same, obviously it is not. So start your essay by saying no, circumsion is no way like immunization at all.

?You can provide support to your point by giving the definition for both the terms, like; circumcision is a type of a surgery while immunization is a type of vaccination.

?Another point through which you could defend your point of view is that immunization is an inoculation that is applicable for both men and women while circumcision is only applicable for men except African and Arab culture.

2.Why circumcision is not applicable for females?


?The biggest reason for not considering female circumcision good is it doesnt have any health benefits.

?Female circumcision is a cruel activity that is condemned throughout the world, especially the hum rights activists and that it is totally against their fundamental rights.

?Conduct some through research work and incorporate real life examples and case studies so that you are able to effectively prove your point in circumcision essay.

3.Is circumcision that unethical that is considered a taboo and men doesnt like talking about it?


?DO you really think circumcision is bad, decide for yourself first that if you are against the statement or in favor of.

?Now, discuss, if generally men dont like circumcision by giving example from daily life. Tell the reader if the majority find it a cultural taboo or not?

?Whatever stance you have taken in your circumcision essay, go for it and provide some examples for in order to build credibility for it. Also provide what type of men doesnt like talking about the subject and what type of men doesnt find the term offensive.

Hence, follow the above told procedure for writing circumcision essays and dont panic when difficult and unethical essay question comes into your exam paper, first relax yourself and think on how you can handle such type of questions in a way that doesnt become offensive for anybody who read your essay. If you will try to base your thinking and perspective on the above told writing instructions for different types of circumcision essay than you will be doing absolutely fine in your circumcision essay. All you have to do is just follow the above guideline and dont become nervous at any stage.

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