What Type Of Car Spoiler Do You Like?

{flickr|100|campaign} Few people really know what those wing-like things mounted on top of car trunks are for, except, of course, from looking really cool and giving a vehicle a sleeker, more streamlined look. But spoilers, as they are called, are actually supposed to improve car handling by working like airplane wings, only in reverse.

Whereas a planes wings are designed to create lift so the aircraft can take off, spoilers are designed to channel the airflow over the vehicles body to create a downward force that makes the car hug the road, therefore creating more stability and better handling at high speeds. This, in turn, is supposed to increase fuel economy, since the engine will not be expending as much power fighting turbulence.

There are basically two types of spoilers. Rear spoilers for cars are typically mounted on the trunk, although there are some that are mounted higher up and are often called wings. These are the type that people are familiar with. There are also those mounted under the car hood, which is supposed to prevent lift, which could severely affect steering.

The design of spoilers depends on the make and model of the car, since each car has different aerodynamics.

Many manufacturers include rear spoilers for cars in some of the models they make. These very often incorporate the rear brake and signal lights in them. The advantage of getting factory spoilers is that they are designed specifically to suit the car model.

There are, of course, factory-style spoilers that can be purchased from Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs and look exactly like the ones that come pre-installed. Oftentimes, they can also be factory color-match painted to match your vehicle.

The universal spoiler, on the other hand, can be mounted on more than one vehicle type, although where it eventually is installed may vary from car to car. It will also need painting to match your cars colors.

Prices will vary depending on the material, size and style, though they typically range between $ 100-$ 400. The most popular are polyurethane, which is a lightweight yet very durable material. There are also light steel, ABS plastic and fiberglass models aplenty. Lightweight carbon is also available although more expensive than the other materials.

Unless your car is a stock model with the original factory paintjob, you may want to purchase a plain spoiler you can customize yourself. They are also included in many car kits if you plan a complete mod of your vehicle.

However, before you go running off to get a spoiler as dreams of zooming down the main drag spin through your head, you ought to know that there continues to be a raging debate over whether these accessories actually do anything for your regular passenger car except make it look flashy.

The naysayers point out that cars like the Honda Civic or your Mitsubishi Lancer will hardly ever be taken for a spin at Nascar or Formula 1 speeds, not even on the freeway. Indeed, many experts believe manufacturers incorporate spoilers to jack up prices for what is essentially a useless appendage so they can feed on customers fantasies by marketing their cars as speed machines.

The experts may be right, of course. But there is no denying that the right spoilers do add that extra flash to the sportiest of the cars on the road. They are scientifically proven to work but more importantly, they are also proven to make the drivers of those vehicles feel cool and in control.

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