When to visit Austria


There are many parts of Europe that are becoming increasingly popular as places to spend a week or so visiting.  One particular country that has become very popular with not only those living in Europe but around the world is Austria.  This is a country that is very diverse and along with having some truly amazingly designed buildings it has some really breathtaking scenery and landscape for you to enjoy. 

So when should you be thinking about visiting this country? 

To be honest anytime of the year is perfectly okay.  However, if you don’t want to be faced with high costs for accommodation and travel then avoid the months between November and March.  This is a very important part of the year as this is when large number of people travel to the country to enjoy a spot of skiing. 

In fact the best times of the year to visit would in fact be between April and August.  Generally the weather tends to be pretty good at these times of the year.  However, you need to be aware that the temperatures here won’t hit the same levels as you would expect to find in places such as Spain’s Costa del Sol, the Italian Lakes or the French Riviera. 

Also there is every possibility that it may rain whilst you are visiting Austria.  So it is important that you include some items of clothing in your luggage that will keep you not only dry but also warm. 

When it comes to visiting Austria you can of course arrange to hire a car but if you are on a limited budget then using local public transport should be considered.  Both the bus and train services on offer in Austria are very good.  Plus you can purchase an unlimited travel pass that allows you to travel from one part of Austria to another easily. 

There are two types of passes available one that you can use for just a day or the other one that is valid for up to 30 days. The great thing about these particular passes that you purchase on your arrival in Austria don’t limit you to just travelling around this country but to other parts of Europe as well.

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