Why Audiences Are Split On The Last Jedi

Why Audiences Are Split On The Last Jedi

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Please Note: This Video Contains Spoilers For The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a certified hit. The film secured the second biggest domestic opening weekend of all time, after only The Force Awakens, and it earned a stellar 93% rating on RottenTomatoes. From critics, that is. Audiences only gave it a 55%, with Star Wars fans quickly taking sides. Sure, there are some things almost everyone can agree on: the movie was beautiful to look at, Adam Driver gave his best performance yet as Kylo Ren, and the porgs weren’t nearly as annoying as some people feared. But there are still plenty of other things to argue about. Here’s a spoiler filled look at why audiences are split on The Last Jedi…

Something old, something new | 0:38
It’s too long | 2:08
Freshmen hazing | 2:51
Middle child syndrome | 3:19
A Jedi walks into a bar… | 3:57
Let’s talk about Luke | 4:30
All your fan theories were wrong | 5:10
A flubbed farewell? | 5:40

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