Why Do Women Have Affairs With Married Men? 5 Insights


Infidelity is an ugly word. The act of infidelity within a marriage causes great pain to the injured (the cheated-on) person. Meanwhile, the pain and life disruption it causes can ripple out well beyond them – extending to many other people in the process.

Usually, infidelity does not happen just out of the blue. Rather, there is almost always an underlying cluster of issues in the marriage that causes one member to seek romantic attention or love outside the marriage.

Another essential element of a martial affair, of course, is an outsider with whom the husband or wife cheats.

If you are wondering, “Why do women have affairs with married men?”, here are 5 insights:

1. Some of these women do not really think about the pain they are causing:

The “other woman” who cheats with a married man is often somebody who is thinking about her own needs, rather than how her actions may be affecting other people. Still, most of them are not really trying to act maliciously. Selfishness is a better description of their motivations.

2. A handful are true predators who seek out married men:

Of course, a handful of women who have affairs with married men are true predators. Some of these women seek the financial boost – the free dinners, gifts and vacations – that often comes with dating a married man. Others want the emotional gratification that comes from a romantic relationship, but without the risk of long-term attachment.

3. If your husband is cheating, the issue you have is with him, not the other woman:

Remember, if your husband is involved with another woman, your beef is with him, not her. Your husband is fully capable of making decisions for himself. Going after her will probably not get him to end the affair. Or, if it does, he will probably just start up with someone else.

4. You need to get him to acknowledge the affair:

Instead of going after her, you need to confront your husband about the affair and get him to admit it – and to stop it immediately. Make it clear that it is either her or you.

5. Together, you can work together to get back to a place of mutual trust and respect:

If you believe the two of may you have what it takes to save your marriage, make that your number one priority. You can rebuild the trust needed to sustain a happy marriage.

Consider these 5 tips as you ponder why women have affairs with married men.

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