Why Experts Recommend Mediterranean Diet


Recently, food experts have studied, analyzed and tested the Mediterranean Diet, to determine its benefits, features and advantages over other types of diets plans. They came out with the conclusion that it is the perfect diet plan for almost everyone who tries to lose weight and build a healthy body.

The diet specifies what to eat, when to eat, what quantity to eat, and what not to eat. Many doctors chose this diet plan because of its positive effects and recommended it to their patients. That is due to the successful results of researches made for this diet. They specified its benefits on the process of losing weight as the following:

• Saturated Fat is as minimal as possible.
Without considering all the aspects related to Mediterranean Diet, people might find it not a healthy diet due to containing a high percentage of fats. The truth is the calories in the saturated fats, which are not healthy, are replaced by calories from unsaturated fats like olive oil.

• Consuming more fruits and vegetables.
All people eat fresh and cooked vegetables and fruits. What makes this diet different is that people have to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits more often with high quantities and more than eating cooked ones.

• Red meats dangers.
When you mention red meats in front of your doctor, the first thing he tells you back is “cholesterol”. It is a highly dangerous as high-fat substance resides in the blood vessels and causes deadly diseases like heart attacks, brain stroke and high blood pressure. Red meat is considered dangerous being rich with cholesterol.

• Minimum limit of fatty diary products.
This diet recommends its users to reduce their consumption of diary products especially the fatty type, like eggs, high fat and moderate-fat milk, and heavy creamed food. Concentrate on the low-fat diaries like low-fat milk.

• Preventing disease.
The ultimate advantage of the Mediterranean Diet is that it reduces the likelihood of catching diseases caused by fatty food and bad eating habits. Some of the diseases it prevents are cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and some types of cancers.

• Taking advantage of dietary fiber and whole grains.
Some of the effective components of this diet are emphasizing on fiber and grains as the perfect foods for weight loss, and gaining vital and active body. Fibers are found in some kinds of eatable plants, and whole grains are like nuts.

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