Why Journalists Have To Lean Self Defense Know-how

.tags Hundreds of thousands of individuals read the newspapers day after day. It’s safe to say that every single day, a news document comes out and in a span of a few hours, turns into old news. The turnaround period for information to come in, get processed and brought to the populace is quick .

Nonetheless, so many people are still attracted to this career. Some work for the fun of it, taking into account the low salary and the sticky scenarios they find themselves in. They do what they do best, and that’s to run after a hot scoop. Becoming a journalist is definitely fascinating, which may be the primary reason why individuals prefer this job over a standard shift comprising monotonous errands.

Some of the most heralded journalists are those who join the ranks of infantrymen to enter a war zone. These “war correspondents” don’t go into a war zone without proper training. They are often trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as armed combat. Dedicated training may just save their lives if a particular scenario goes out of hand. Through training, they learn fundamental survival abilities as well as achieve adequate familiarity with firearms.

But war journalists are not the only ones that call for self protection training. All the people in the media should be trained to deal with life-threatening situations. The nature of all assignments exposes a journalist to risks that may not have occurred to journalism college students when they signed up for the duty of covering news proceedings. Listed below are some of the primary reasons why journalists need to learn self protection tactics.

1. Exposure

Journalists are not always permitted to carry self defense weapons, despite the fact that they have got a permit or authorization to procure such equipment. Besides travelling to crime scenes, and waiting around for people to pop out of courtrooms, they are also permitted to get adequately near important people to ask their questions. This means they routinely go without their self defense tools because they are to go into spots where handguns aren’t welcome.

Because these individuals do not know where the news may take them, they have to be on guard, especially if they are asked to cover riots and events that have something to do with insurgency, terror and friction. Being a journalist means one may not always be allowed to transport self protection weapons while on the task, which consequently means, he has to determine other the best way to defend himself in case of attacks.

2. They Carry Pricey Gadgets

When speeding after a sensitive scoop, journalists often go to the location in pairs, or the so-called buddy system. Many journalists are followed around by cameramen, who in turn becomes their partners at the job. They cover one another’s backs, and most of the time, this set up works well.

But some members of the press work alone, which means they bring with them gadgets that help them report what they see and listen to while on location. These devices include high definition digital cameras, computers and mobile devices that they use to cover a report. These tools are state-of-the-art and expensive, which could make these journalists sitting ducks for thieves who try to steal these pieces of equipment.

3. Foes

Some members of the press make a lot of enemies especially in countries where there is a lot of corruption going on. One hot article may result in death threats and shooting attempts. They say that to be in a position to expose the reality, and do a good job at telling a story, one should be courageous enough to face the heat of reader criticism as well as other repercussions that may have arisen due to the exposure of the truth. Several of the world’s best members of the press do not play safe and they always speak their mind.

Investing in self defense learning could save the life of members of the press. They must also develop a keen sense of imminent danger, particularly if the area they are covering is crawling with bad elements, such as gangs that use homemade weaponry to generate terror.

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