Why Prince Harry does not want you to see this Video

Why Prince Harry does not want you to see this Video

Prince-Harry has over 200 combinations of his name that equal or reference the Number 666 using 14 different forms of Gematria:
Excel-Spreadsheet with Built-In Calculator available at: http://j.mp/GematriaMoons-FB
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Video Index: http://j.mp/ChartMeme

3:17 http://j.mp/RevNumAnalysis (Excel-Spreadsheet)

The following are links to the Time-Marker alongside:
5:12 http://j.mp/Jesus-888
6:25 http://j.mp/8greater7
7:39 http://j.mp/Antichrist-Jew
13:03 http://j.mp/Prince-NOT-Transliterated
14:16 http://j.mp/HarryOdds
18:48 http://j.mp/Harry-Pictograph
19:02 http://j.mp/ReshPictograph
19:13 http://j.mp/Pictograph-AlefTav

Link to this video in a playlist…. http://j.mp/666PrinceHarry
Link to this video…. http://j.mp/TurnWorldUpsideDown

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Twitter: http://j.mp/PH666-TW
You-Tube: http://j.mp/Chisza7

5:18 Correct Pronunciation here… http://j.mp/Pronounce-Iesous-Jesus
11:08 Correct Pronunciation here… http://j.mp/Nun-Hebrew
11:12 Correct Pronunciation here… http://j.mp/Beit-Hebrew (Note: I correctly pronounced it at the beginning …see … 2:26 )
12:10 Correct Pronunciation here… http://j.mp/Samekh-Hebrew

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