Why the Average Realtor Mentor Fails to Attract Realtors to Their Program


I have seen about every coaching format known to man and I won’t mention any names but a lot of them look like this.

Hi, I’m “Joe” I’ve made a lot of money as a Realtor (or other professional, just fill in the blank) and I would like to make even more as a coach so if you want I will try to teach you to be just like me! It’s going to cost you a lot of money because I’m taking time away from what I’m already good at making money at, so if you pay me (fill in enormous amount of money here) I will talk to you on the phone about how you can be more like me. Of if you have a group I can promote myself to I will speak for a small fee and pitch how great I am to them for hours on end! Talk to you soon.

Joe is looking for just another quick way to get side income and as a result will only ever get the tip of the iceberg.
These people will peddle themselves continuously but few will be able to build and sustain a strong coaching company for several reasons here are only a few:

1. Lack of clear benefits to coaching clients (who really wants to just “make money like Joe”)
2. Absence of organized coaching method makes it hard for Realtors to know what they are getting and significantly decreases the chances of success.
3. No entry level products to “try it out” makes working with Joe “a huge leap in faith”
4. No testimonials, what does Joe know about coaching?
5. Only one teaching method. If your Realtor doesn’t learn well this way they won’t buy.
6. Lack of documentation in the coaches teaching methods means that there is little for the client to reference when they are not speaking with their Realtor coach = increased likelihood of failure.
7. Insufficient amount of tangible “product” to substantiate the large investment. All that $ for a phone call?
8. Failure to establish trust. What if Joe is a scam artist?

If you earn more than the average Realtor, you excel at one area of your business operations as a Realtor and you have the diligence of laying out how to do it so another Realtor can experience similar success then you have the foundation necessary to build a powerful coaching company.

You must however follow the proper recipe for building a coaching empire.

Take one of your strengths, use it to solve one burning problem in the minds of your clients and deliver that solution in the way that they want it (fast, easy to understand and implement), for a fair price.

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