Why Women Cheat: Tales of Wife Affairs


Gone are the days when extramarital affairs are confined to men. With women conquering the world and finding themselves equal with men, engaging into extramarital affairs is most likely to happen especially when the men wasn’t able to give what a woman deserves in this fast paced world. If men are secretive on their dalliances, women are more careful because our society has double standards against women. These are tales of wife affairs and lessons on how to deal with them.

So how would you know that your woman is cheating on you?

Finding proof is actually hard especially if your wife is one of those who live for themselves and involved in a very complicated world. But remember that even those who stay at home and tend to your family needs may actually engage in these extramarital affairs. Oftentimes, women’s feelings are very transparent such that you can easily see that their affection is wavering. If you notice that she seems to be a little edgy or that she seems to be in a faraway world when she is just in front of you chances are she is thinking about other things or maybe other men.

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Does she have phone calls in the middle of the night, or emails that she seems to be hiding? Is she happy for no apparent reason that you couldn’t attribute to you? Is she always out even if she doesn’t have work? Is she spending a little less time with you? Chances are she is enjoying her life away from you. Secret affairs actually make her more alive because she can prove to herself that she can do a lot of things even at the point of breaking her marriage.

On the other hand, these signs of affairs may actually tell you that something is amiss in your relationship. Maybe she is just looking for an attention or affection. Or that you are not giving enough attention or love to her. You can notice it during your conversation if she mentions a lot about some other guys or probably some other couples. If you just be a little sensitive you can find out if she feels a little different for you. More so if she doesn’t entirely talk to you because it signifies a bigger problem.

Going through her personal stuffs and looking for evidence once in a while may actually give you some information. If she feels mad at you for doing so, chances are she might be hiding something. You can also surprise her by picking her up in her office or dropping by at her field work unannounced. You could also check your bank accounts whether or not she is spending for something you don’t know of. In fact, the way she looks when going out of house or even going to work would tell you a lot.

Women having affairs actually look for something that they couldn’t find in your family. So if you feel that your woman is cheating on you or having wife affairs, its time for you to have a reality check on where your relationship is going.

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