Windsor Castle ? The World’s Largest Occupied Castle


Many people know Windsor Castle in England as the biggest residential Castle in the world. Having served as a fortress as well as a home for the Royal family for over 900 years, today it is still one of the official residences of the Queen. The castle is not only used as a private residence, but formal functions and duties are also hosted within these walls. The Queen usually uses the castle as her residence during the months of Easter when the Easter Court, the Royal Ascot Race meeting and Order of the Garter are held. Foreign Heads of State are also often accommodated within the castle grounds.


The fully functional palace of Windsor is subject to many duties and responsibilities. St. George’s Chapel which opens daily for the general public is known as a Royal Peculiar because it owes allegiance not to any person of cloth but directly to the sovereign. Many of the royal weddings, such as that of Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones have been celebrated within the chapel. Also, the funerals of Princess Alice and Princess Margaret have been held here. The Queen Mother herself is laid to rest in the chapel along with King George VI. The Royal Archives, The Round Tower Houses and the Royal Photograph Collection are a part of Windsor Castle’s administrative responsibilities as are the Royal Library and the Print Room.


Windsor Castle is a heritage venue that is open to public tours. Visitors to the castle will have a chance to see the state apartments with their magnificent collection of paintings from maestros such as Rembrandt, Canaletto and Rubens. King George IV’s private apartments can be also be toured during certain times of the year. The Rose Garden and Easter Terrace are also open to the public during specific months whereas St. George’s Chapel can be visited anytime.


One of the highlights of visiting Windsor Castle lies in the display of Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. Taking 1,500 artists, craftsmen and authors over three years to complete, it is the most famous dollhouse in existence.


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