Women’s Fragrances Today

.tags The top selling women perfumes mostly changes each year. With time the trend changes, new popular brands emerges. But some of the fragrances constantly make it as one of the top selling women’s perfumes. Some of the favorites are new products while others are classics that have been around for decades.

Make sure any fragrance you buy compliments your body chemistry. Jennifer Lopez entered the perfume industry with her debut Glow by J.Lo. She also introduced glow line of body lotions and bronzing products. GLOW perfume by Jennifer Lopez was her debut fragrance which is a bright citrus fruity scent mingled with sheer florals, musk and vanilla. She launched another fragrance LIVE perfume by Jennifer Lopez for the Christmas season of 2005. MIAMI GLOW perfume by Jennifer was introduced in homage of her adopted hometown, Miami. The following fragrances by Jennifer Lopez are DESEO perfume, DESEO FOREVER perfume and DESEO for men, it was the first Jennifer Lopez perfume for men. It is great laid-back fragrance for summer.

Sean john launched very awesome fragrance collection for men as well as women. Sean John men perfumes include I Am King collection and Unforgivable collection.Unforgivable woman perfume embodies the aroma of sensuality that intoxicates the senses. It is a seductive scent with delicate blend that shows what it is to be the unforgivable woman.

Younger girls have gone crazy over Hilary Duff’s With Love perfume. With Love perfume by Hilary Duff launched in 2006 is an oriental and spicy fragrance for women. Top notes of Hilary duff With Love perfume are spices and mango with middle notes of cocobolo and mango blossom and base notes containing amber and musk. It is really effervescent oriental fragrance. It is a joyous and fun scent that flirts with skin and emotions.

Lovely perfume by Sarah Jessica was launched in 2005 and was Sarah Jessicas first perfume in her collection. It is known as Silky White Amber which is made for modern women. . The inspiration, Loveliness is everywhere behind Sarah Jessica Parkers first scent Lovely, was her love for layering scents. So she designed a feminine and timeless signature scent for women of all ages.

Celebrities come and go; popularity fades, but Chanel lives on forever! These perfumes are well known for their class and quality. They can be layered by the women for every age group. It unfolds beautifully over the course of an evening. If the women want to feel like the glamorous film star then this perfume is the best option.

Givenchy by Michael Hy has also been around for decades. Amor Amor by the Design House of Cacharel has only been around since 2003, but is a top seller nonetheless.

Your fragrances may change as you age and depending on the time of day (or month!), your mood, or the event that you are attending, but choosing a “signature scent” is a big decision. Just make sure that whatever fragrance it is, you love it and it loves you.

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