Womens Sandals Describe Their Personality

South Sudan, Juba, February 2014. IDPâs is South Sudan find a safe shelter at the UN compound in Juba, the UN House IDP Camp.
Context: Mary and her sister Martha Aylynyayuach are IDPâs at the UN House compound in Juba. They are currently preparing Kob, which is a South Sudanese staple made from maize flour. Itâs a delicacy that is usually prepared with butter and meat or dry fish. Today however, Kob will be served without any additions. Mary, careful not to overcook the food, leans over sauce pan and stirs it. She then uses a stick to adjust the charcoal burning in the metal stove. Charcoal she bought with vouchers she received from Oxfam. As the food starts to singe, she adds clean water from a jerry can next to the makeshift shelter they are forced to live in now. The water they use is collected from a water point constructed and maintained by Oxfam at various points of the camp. Mary: âI arrived in the camp the second day after the fighting started. We heard gunshots at night and had to stay indoors until the next day because it was too dark and too dangerous to go anywhere. The next day, we left for the UN compound. We had heard stories about UN House before and were told that people were going there. We have been here for close to two months.âI use to grow and deliver vegetables to various restaurants in Juba but I left everything and came here. I left my house and all my belongings. Look, we donât even have shoes.ââLife here is not easy. The food is very basic â just grains. Not what we have grown used to but itâs better than nothing. When we first arrived, there were no tents or shelters. There was no one responsible, we just came into the camp and sat in the space that our tent now stands. After a few hours, we received some canvas, food, utensils and other things. Now we need things like soap to wash our clothes. We only have these ones.ââI am here with my sister Marthat Aylynyayuach and her four children and my two grandchildren. The children used to go to school but cannot anymore. At least they have the UNICEF school â they go every morning.âMartha (approx 40): âThe conditions weâre living in now are not great, but at least we are safe. The camp security is good and we feel fine. There is water, food and dignified places to go to the bathroom and toilet. Things could be much worse. Now that the rains are coming, I fear for our health and safety. These tents cannot protect us from the rains. The water will come through and we will be exposed. We sleep on the ground and this will not be possible with water everywhere. I am hoping and praying that the organisations help us with this as the rains are drawing closer and closer.âMary: âI know that the president and his soldiers started this. They will not stop. The fighting will not end until there is a new government in place. No one helped us when we were running â we had to fend for ourselves. The government did not help us.â âIf everything was normal and we were at home, I would probably be going to the market to get some supplies for the restaurant and my sister would be collecting firewood. Now â we hear that fighting is everywhere. We have to stay here and it feels like a prison. I feel like the fighting will never end. God is the only one that can help us now.âphoto: Petterik Wiggers/Panos Pictures
By Oxfam East Africa on 2014-02-17 12:42:43
tags Womens characteristics may be described through their outfits. How women dress and wear their accessories and shoes already tells a lot about the person wearing them. There are various kinds of footwear being sold in stores everywhere and what most people look for are the womens sandals.

These shoes are defined as comfortable type of footwear. A big part of the foot is exposed and the foot is held by buckles, straps or laces.

These shoes are drawn and planned in many ways. Their dressers will be incomplete if it does not contain a pair of sandals. They are made to let the person experience comfort which can allow the person wearing them feel the function and elegance of the shoes.

These shoes can be categorized according to its function. Most classy and evening ones are used in formal occasions such as weddings, parties or meetings wherein it gives the wearer a sense of formality and stylishness. These are usually high-heeled and produced in colors that would be easily noticed in the night such as silver, gold or metallic. These are also perfect for gowns, knee-length dresses or skirts. They would make the wearer have a very feminine attitude. Flip-flops are perfect during the summer season where everyone is expected to be exposed in the sun. These can be used in sports such as beach volleyball, badminton or biking. They usually come in flats and would make the wearer have a sporty feeling. In the meanwhile, ones made for walking are great for everyday use such as strolling in the park or even by going to shopping malls.

The height of heels in sandals is also designed in that way to offer a certain attitude to the wearer. Flat ones make the wearer walk and move comfortably because it is easy to balance using these kinds. While high-heeled ones are great confidence boosters by making the wearer walk elegantly and proudly.

Several schemes of these shoes have been created and sold out in stores. A variety of shoemakers have already released a large production of them all over the world. Styles also vary according to its purpose. These come as ankle-strapped, often used in formal events and these usually come in high heels. However, there are also flat ankle-strapped. Knee-length straps are perfect for dresses that are also knee-length or maybe above the knee as these sandals would let the whole outfit be noticed. Also, laces can replace straps to give a more feminine design.

The colors are also great clues of the wearers personality. There are women who wear them, which have similar color to their outfits but there are also those who wear complimentary colors of their clothes and sandals to make the whole outfit more noticeable. The color of the dress and sandals is a type of mix-and-match style of clothing and there is no general rule about it.

Peoples lives would never be complete without buying or wearing womens sandals. The color, design and style are choices of the person wearing it as this can characterize the person wearing it. However, in choosing the best ones to buy, it is wise to choose those which give comfortable feelings to the wearer over elegance and beauty.

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