World’s Most Unique Streets And Roads

World’s Shortest Street (Ebenezer Place Scotland)
The Ebenezer Place, in Wick city of Caithness, England, is total only 2.06 meters long. This street has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records

World’s Narrowest Street (Spreuerhofstra Lane Germany)
The Spreuerhofstra Lane in the city of Reutlingen ,Baden, is the world’s narrowest street. The narrowest part of the lane is only 31 cm and its widest point is only 50 cm

World’s Steepest Street (Baldwin Street – New Zealand
In the suburb of Dunedin City ,New Zealand, there is a street named Baldwin Street. It has been called of the world’s steepest street. The street has been extended from the outskirts of the valley to the east, only the middle section of the road is the stable, the slope of the rest sections is 1:2.86.

World’s Most Crooked Road (Lombard St – San Francisco)
Lombard Street in San Francisco city is the world’s most crooked street. This street has eight sharp turnings and has become the most attractive street in San Francisco.

Worlds Most Complicated Interchange (Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange – Los Angeles)
The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, LA, CA is the world’s most complex interchange. It was built in 1993, and it has a total of 4 layers.

World’s Longest National Highway (Highway 1 – Australia)
Where is the world’s longest national highway? Many people will think that is in China, but, in fact, it is located in Australia. The total length of it is14,500 km. Driving along this road will spend you more than 20 days.

World’s Largest Roundabout (Putrajaya – Malaysia)
Putrajaya is in the south of Kuala Lumpur, it has a total area of approximately 4580 square kilometers. It is a new political center, the loop length of it is3.4 km.

World’s Widest Street (9 de Julio – Buenos Aires, Argentina
The 140-meter-wide city of Buenos Aires, Argentina is the world’s widest boulevard. The name of the street is in honor of the Independence Day in Argentina, that is July 9, 1816.

World’s Longest Street (Yonge St – Ontario, Canada)
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s longest street is Yonge Street in Toronto. Yonge Street is a north-south street, the length is 1896.3 km. Such a long street, walking is impossible, even taking a taxi all the way north to the other side of Central Street, you will pay 2,200 Canadian dollars for the fare.

World’s Most Confusing Roundabout (Magic Roundabout – Swindon, UK)
The Magic Roundabout is one of 10 Scariest Junctions in the United Kingdom in a BBC survey in December 2007.

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