Wrinkles – Wrinkle Reduction and Wrinkles Remedy


Wrinkled skin has always been an indication of maturity. Wrinkles are caused by factors intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging is inherited factors and advanced processes of age, whereas extrinsic aging is related to the cumulative effects of sun exposure, aging, and inherited factors.


Mainly fine, or small wrinkles are caused by general exposure to sun and process of aging. On the one hand, wrinkles or furrows deep and thick in most cases are caused by repeated exposure of the sun which has a cumulative effect on the skin. Deep wrinkles around the lips can also occur from smoking. As we age, we all experienced rider, but individuals with more sun exposure over the years probably develop facial wrinkles deeper as they advance in age. Daily use of a screen or a sun moisturizer with sunscreen will protect your face against future wrinkles.


Reducing or eliminating wrinkles requires undergo three types of procedures available: You can replace, relax, or remove your wrinkles. When you replace wrinkles, dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon injects a substance or threads in the cleft of the ridge, thereby supplementing and rest in smoothing the skin.


The relaxation of wrinkles is made with toxin diluted botulism, called Botox. When Botox is injected to relax the muscles that produce wrinkles, wrinkles are not as apparent. Botox can be injected by a dermatologist, a facial plastic surgeon or a surgeon Oculoplastic. Wrinkles can be removed by a number of methods.


Prescription creams such as glycolic acid prescription-strength creams typically reduce fine wrinkles on the face after several months of use. The chemical, skin performed by a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon may also reduce or remove wrinkles. Skins superficial “lunch” improve wrinkles, while the medium and deep skin can remove wrinkles. Laser resurfacing, also known as dermabrasion, laser is also effective. Your dermatologist can help you decide which method is best for you.


Home Remedy for Wrinkles


• Fill your mouth with water, do not drink, do not keep it in your mouth, try blowing your cheeks. Repeat this process every morning while cleaning your mouth and face.


• Horseradish and sour milk mix 4 tablespoons of sour milk with 1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal and 1 teaspoon freshly grated horseradish. Apply the paste to wrinkles by attention to avoid the area around the eyes as the fumes can cause stinging. Leave for half an hour then wash off.


• Masoor Daal Masoor daal soak in the lime juice day long, the grind and apply the paste on your face at night before going to bed Remove your face in the morning, it will increase the lusture your face.


• The seeds of pumpkin pounding to a paste with olive oil and use to keep skin soft and white and to reduce wrinkles. The flesh of the pumpkin also heal the red patches and small burns.


• Remove small pieces of shredded paper on the table and try to blow these little with your mouth as far as possible. The practice of blowing brings tension to your cheeks, which is useful for treating wrinkles.


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