Wsh a Couple with a Marriage Card and Flowers


There is a good reason why most couples prefer to choose marrying in a traditional way, unless of course they are eloping! The fun lies in creating the same traditions that dictated when your parents married. Hence to begin with ask your parents what they did when they had to invite people for their marriage. They will of course lend a certain nostalgia that accompanied their wedding. You can enliven their memories and pay a tribute to them starting the event by the designing of the marriage cards. Today a lot of creativity goes in making the cards that announce the union of the two hearts. Amongst various styles the wedding scrolls have come back into fashion. What’s more is that one can get other marriage card also- That needs to be given to the couple on their wedding day. Many people like to combine a couple of gifts and add a marriage card with it. It all goes well with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. There are plenty of choices that are available for people who wish to give away the wedding cards.

The emphasis is now more on the text in the cards. A perfect marriage card is one that combines a good color scheme, with the right kind of words. There are many marriage cards that are left blank inside. Many guests can pick up such cards to express their feelings on being invited to the wedding. They can use them in case they are going for the wedding or not. Elaborate marriage cards accompanying a bunch of flowers expressing regret are also stylized. If the marriage of your best friend is in another state and city and you cannot make it, then the best way to compensate is through sending a beautiful marriage card.

Wedding scrolls are also used to express simple way of acceptance of the couple’s invite to their special event. While most wedding scrolls are used to announce weddings few people use them to thank the couple. One can get personal with the expression. One can either create a handmade marriage card or of course browse through many e-stores for the same.  There are many types of handmade paper, materials like satin, gauze, ribbons and other knick knacks that can be used to make customized marriage cards. Wish for the best and bless the couple in spirit even if you are not there in body to meet them.

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