Yeast Infections – Treatment


This article introduces the 3 main categories of candida yeast infections treatment, namely:  

Over the Counter Treatment (OTC)

The first two of these, OTC and prescribed medication, are what we would call ‘conventional’ treatments.   The third one, ‘holistic’, is an alternative or complimentary method of treatment with holisticreferring to treating the ‘whole’ of something. In this case it deals with the whole treatment of the yeast infection and considers all its possible causes, all of the patient’s lifestyle and medical history and all of the positive changes the patient can make to their lifestyle in order to find a long lasting solution to permanent eradication of the condition.

Conventional treatments are sometimes considered inadequate as they tend to deal with only the obvious symptoms and not the root cause. They are thought to patch-over the problem and therefore the likelihood of a failed treatment and recurrence is going to be higher if the origins of the problem are not also addressed and dealt with properly.   OTC treatments can be purchased directly from your pharacist/chemist without necessarily consulting a doctor and without a prescription and include creams, ointments, lotions and lozenges.

Prescription treatments are usually considered if the OTCs don’t work and are generally stonger more powerful substances.  The problem with both of these is that yeast infections can develop resistance to them and also that drug treatments are ‘un-natural’ and disturb the body’s natural balance and can cause damage to internal organs with one possible result being a weaker immune system.  With a weaker immune system the chances of your body fighting infection are reduced and so, therefore, there is more probability of the yeast infection recurring into the long term.

Many people have tried many conventional treatments over several years and have suffered accordingly with prolonged symptoms, not to mentioned wasted time and money.

Given these potential drawbacks with OTC and prescription treatments, especially if you have tried them and they have failed to work in the medium to long term, it makes sense to look at a more holistic approach to treating the candida yeast infection.

Holistic treatment for yeast infections will give the patient a much more comprehensive set of advice, natural treatment recommendations, dietary advice, fitness and exercise programs, sleep, rest and relaxation guidance and much more.  All the above will not only help to boost the immune system and bring the body back into homeostasis (natural balanced state), the benefits will also be alleviation and eradication of the yeast condition better overall health and wellbeing aiding the successful patient to feel good, alive and healthy.

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